The No-B.S. Approach to Permanent Weight Loss
  • Feeling frustrated about not being able to look and feel the way you did a few years ago?
  • Lacking the motivation to make the changes you know your body needs?
  • Wondering which types of exercise will give you the best results?
  • Popping diet pills and taking supplements in the hope of greater energy?
  • Wondering why your crash diets no longer yield the results they used to?
According to research, approximately 95% of dieters gain back the weight they lost within three years of completing their diet. Starving yourself on low calorie diets and spending hours on the treadmill each week is not the way to lose weight.

Unravel the mystery behind your body, the diet industry… and your relationship with yourself. Learn how to manage YOUR mind and body to turn your health around and live a happy, healthy and energetic life. In this three hour workshop, leading fitness & wellness professionals Roz Alexander and Aimee Barnes will help you bust the myths around losing weight and piece together a healthy, sustainable way of LIFE to build a strong body and sharp mind FOR GOOD. 
This event is perfect for both men and women who are ready to get off the diet roller coaster and start feeling strong, whole and in control.

  • Quickly drop kilos while eating the foods you love;
  • Create a 7-day nutrition plan to fit your goals;
  • Manage alcohol, sugar and other 'treats' while transforming your body;
  • Create a training program for sustainable fat loss and muscle gain;
  • Manage your mindset to maintain motivation for health change;
  • Understand the effect of mood on fat gain and how to manage it;
  • Avoid stress and emotional triggers for bingeing.


Roz Alexander is an Australian Certified Master Trainer, Nutrition Coach and International Figure Athlete with over 18 years combined professional and competitive experience. A leading and sought after fitness trainer voted "the Best in Singapore," Roz lives and breathes healthy living and is passionate about sharing the techniques and information to those in need of a wake up call. Specializing in body transformations, Roz’s approach is holistic and encompasses lifestyle analysis, results-based nutrition and fitness coaching. Through her company, BeachFit, Roz provides one-on-one coaching, executive wellness programs and quarterly 4 day transformation retreats in Koh Samui, Thailand. You can reach Roz and see more of her magic at www.beachfit.com.sg and www.rozalexanderpt.com and https://www.facebook.com/BeachFitretreats

Aimee Barnes Pestaño is an internationally certified Health, Life and Addiction Recovery Coach, as well as a champion physique competitor and weightlifting coach. She works with women who are ready to build total strength- physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional- and specialises in helping her clients shift their relationships with alcohol or food. Her ideas have been featured in numerous media outlets including MindBodyGreen.com, IDEA Fitness Journal, Asian Entrepreneur, Forbes.com and Elephant Journal. She has personally walked the path of transformation, overcoming clinical depression and an alcohol use disorder by employing many of the tools she teaches today. To learn more, visit TangramWellness.com and follow her tips on the Tangram Wellness Facebook page.

Sat Aug 29, 2015
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT
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176 Joo Chiat Road #02-01 Singapore
Aimee Barnes and Roz Alexander